Stormy Wind Damage in Dog Runs

The recent stormy weather left a trail of destruction across the whole of the UK and many customers experienced damage in dog runs.

Storm Malik gave the country a real battering and left a trail of destruction, many gardens and properties suffered to many areas as it swept through us. We had several calls after the storm from commercial kennel owners who had had damage to kennels built by competitors including one who lost a full kennelsuite, 12 bays of kennels and dog runs just flattened.

Trees were uprooted and branches from trees came crashing down causing damage to many dog runs, fortunately nobody reported any damage to dogs. As the country was recovering from this one it was quickly followed by Storm Corrie which also left its mark on us. Then we also had another very blustery few days which again left a trail, and so it seems that as our weather patterns change we will be set for more turbulent and windy spells in future.

All dog owners with dog kennels or dog runs need to prepare themselves to protect their dogs and try as best to future proof these important areas that dogs use.

Firstly a few regular checks on your dog runs that are important, check all fixings to see if they are secure. Consider bolting down your dog runs to a concrete base so that they are more secure so that winds can’t lift or move them.

Next look to see if there are any trees or branches above them that could be taken back or trimmed. Any dead boughs or branches should be removed for safety so try to take back so the area around and above your kennel area is clear and free of any vegetation.

To protect your dog runs at the sides the ¾ Mix panels are a great panel for stopping winds and rain. These panels will make your run areas drier and warmer as the run isn’t then so exposed. Many customers use these as the dividing panel to prevent dogs from getting to each other but on each side elevation to a dog run they really do offer good protection.

If you have a roof onto your kennel or run then climb onto it and check all the fixings to make sure everything is secure, a flying roof sheet in high winds is a real danger.

Check your insurance to make sure that you are covered and advise then of any new kennels or runs so that if you need to claim you will be covered. If you have invested into your animal housing, then they need to be aware of this otherwise they will try to wriggle out of paying a claim.

More high velocity winds are sure to hit us in future so try to plan ahead and avoid any damage in dog runs and your kennels. We hope this article helps you to protect your dogs and to keep safe. If you need any dog run panels or any advice on these then please get in touch on 01785 559555 or




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