How to Stop Dogs Barking

Let’s face it dogs barking can be really annoying. If you’re in your garden or trying to work a neighbours dog barking can really start to affect you.

All dogs bark to some degree but the regular incessant barkers can seriously affect you’re state of mind and you are within you’re rights to complain about repeated noise issues that impact on your life.

Obviously as a guide the more dogs someone has then the more probable that noise may become an issue. Just one dog barking can often set off the pack and then it can be difficult to settle them down.

So why do dogs bark?

Dogs love to communicate with each other and barking is a means to do this. Its very natural for dogs to express themselves and this should be encouraged of course. They also might want to tell us something so this is one of the ways they do so.

A bark might also be used to express fear or anxiety about something. Dogs are territorial and any change like another dog or human approaching them might trigger a noisy response.

Dogs also sometimes might be expressing to us that they are bored or want to go for a walk. All dog owners need to learn what each dog’s bark really means, so its important to pick up on these signals and really try to understand them.

If you’re a dog owner and have had a complaint about noise then how did you handle it? We would love to hear from you.

How to deal with a noisy barking dog

If you suspect that your dog has been barking, then you really need to find out how much of a problem it really is. If your dog has been left alone for long periods just how much has youre dog been barking and when do they bark.

It might be due to separation anxiety and soon after you leave your dog they settle down or it might be prolonged spells of barking that are causing issues with your neighbours.

How to deal with a dogs barking complaint

Firstly, if you get a complaint about your dog then you need to be proactive and try to address the issues raised. Try to get as much information as you can from your neighbour as to when the noise is happening and for how long.

Its important to be sympathetic and to try to deal with their concerns so that you don’t make the situation any worse. Sometimes it’s a good idea to set up a camera so that you are aware of how much the barking is and the timeframes this occurs. Cameras now have the facility so you can talk to your dog which is a great idea to try to calm them down.

Try to establish what the trigger is that sets your dogs barking off and see if you can eliminate this to help with the situation. Depending on what the issue is you might need to work on reinforcing some good dog training to help to overcome these. This can take time but you will need to recreate the situation and reassure your dog whilst rewarding your dog with a treat when they don’t bark.

Even if the training takes time it’s a good idea to communicate regularly with your neighbour’s so at least they know you’re are trying to improve the situation. If you ignore them they could contact your local council about the repeated noise.

If this happens, they will be have to explore this complaint and will possibly start to monitor this noise. They should try to work with you to overcome these issues, but they will set deadlines for you to achieve this. Failure to do this could result in prosecution or a fine.

How to overcome a dogs barking issue

Hopefully highlighting the issue and retraining your dog will be a success but if its not then you need to look at other possibilities. If the issue is movement outside then try to ensure that they can’t see the trigger, so maybe move your dog to a different room or ensure that the line of sight is obscured in some way.

If your dog is in a dog kennel or dog run, investigate the possibility of moving this further away from your neighbour or maybe try facing this in a different direction might help.

Resolving noise issues can be complex, but often its about working on a routine that will help to alleviate the problem. If your dog is noisy at night when the majority of your neighbours return from work, then try to incorporate a good routine. Regular walks each day and plenty of exercise means that once they are fed most dogs just want to get their heads down and sleep.

A tired dog is always a quiet dog so try to be as active as you can and your dogs and neighbours will love you for it.

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