Caring For Dogs On Hot Days

As our hot weather and heatwaves become more prevalent in the UK, our dogs face increasing dangers. Dogs are at risk when our temperatures rise above 20C which seems to be on a regular occasion now in the UK.

Caring for dogs on hot days is every dog owner’s responsibility. This article hopefully will help you to avoid the dangers that you face. So, let’s start by understanding the temperatures that dogs will face in hot weather.

Any temperature over 20C a dog can become dehydrated, even a small increase in temp over this could become a problem for a dog.  Any long haired dog breed or short nosed breeds like pugs and boxers will suffer more of course.

Tips to prevent dehydration in dogs

Firstly, you need to always observe your dogs during hot weather and be on alert for the signs of your dog’s becoming dehydrated.

  1. Dogs don’t perspire like us, so they have to pant to cool down. Watch for any signs of excessive panting especially in older and less healthy dogs.
  2. They maybe start behaving in an unsettled way or start to become distressed.
  3. If you dog starts hyper ventilating then always seek urgent vet advice

Never walk dogs on hot pavements, a good test is to take your shoe off and if it feels excessive to you then its too hot for your dogs. You can burn their paws on really hot hard surfaces so make sure you walk and exercise your dogs very early in the morning and late in the evening.

Keep your dogs outside in a garden or a shady area so that they can enjoy the breeze and cooler air without being at risk. A well-placed dog run enclosure is the perfect way to make sure they are safe at all times.

Make sure that your dogs have access to a freshly filled water bowl at all times so they can drink if they get dehydrated. You could also introduce an air fan to help to cool your dogs during excessive heatwaves.

A good tip is to wet a towel with cold water and put this on them then pour cold water over them as it can quickly reduce their body temperatures. If you dog is showing signs of heatstroke, then always consult a local vet.

Dogs in hot cars

Cars can very quickly overheat during hot days. If the outside temperature is only 20C it can easily be over 40C in a car as the sun beats through the glass on a vehicle. NEVER leave your dog in hot cars, its just too dangerous and it’s so important to make sure this never happens.

We hope that this helps all dog owners to care responsibly for their dogs on hot days, and to enjoy their summer with their pets.

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