Dog Run Panel Season

Easter has always been a great time of year but for dog run panels it marks the start of the season when things really take off.

Generally the weather is improving and the days getting longer and families start to emerge from their winter habit to venture outside more.

It’s a time of year when families are spending time in their gardens having barbecues and enjoying the fresh air and spring. These is great news for dogs too as they get to have more fun  being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine and warmer days.

Its important for dog owners to be able to control their dogs and having an area to contain your dogs is essential for a number of reasons. Firstly it gives you peace of mind so that whenever you need to your dog could be put in a dog run where you know they are safe.

If guests arrive who are not familiar with your dogs they can be in the run without worry to ensure that your visitors are not worried about the dogs.

A dog run offers dogs the chance to have quality time outdoors and yet be safe at all times whilst enjoying the fresh air and weather. It also can be used similar to a kennel in that they can be used for times to rest and recover and sleep during the days but in a safe environment.

How often do dogs escape from gardens? The larger your garden the more opportunity for a dog to escape so a dog run is a cost effective way to contain your dog in a small area of your garden. As dog runs are modular and easy to set up and take down your run could be moved around regularly if required too.

The dog run panel season is a long one and we will be busy now all the way through to Christmas. We keep very large stocks of panels in both the 5cm bar spacings and the mesh panels. For those that would like to collect we are more than happy to see you so that you can see the dog runs before you purchase.

Please email us on or call us on 01785 559555 and keep your eyes open for special offers on dog runs throughout the season.


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