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Dog Bowl

Stainless Steel Dog Run Bowls

Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

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Our unique stainless steel dog bowls are designed to be easily removed for cleaning and filling purposes and yet they cannot be removed by your dogs.


The well thought out clip system securely holds the bowl in place and is also very hygienic as there are no recesses to trap food debris

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We designed our stainless steel dog run bowls to function well in a commercial kennel environment.

The bowl works by being spring loaded into a fitting that is permanently fitted in place on the dog run so you will simply need to slot it into place and gently pull to remove it. This means that unlike other conventional dog bowls no food or residue can get stuck in the bowl itself, hooks or screws so it is kept exceptionally clean for your dogs.

Coming in two sizes, 2 quart (80oz) and 3 quart (120oz), this bowl is perfect for both food and water and can hold enough water and food to ensure your dogs don’t go without all day.

These dog bowls are perfect for all dog breeds as they can be attached to any dog run at any height so you can ensure it’s the correct height for your breed.

Whilst they are the most hygienic dog run bowls on the market, they are also made to be extremely safe. You can leave your dog unattended with full confidence that they cannot remove the bowl or get stuck on the bowl causing any injury to the dog.

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Stainless Steel Dog Bowls Features

All manufactured from stainless steel


Unique spring loaded holder secures the bowl


Can be fitted to any bar or mesh panels


Hygienic design