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Isolation Kennels

Isolation Kennels

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Our new Isolation kennels are the perfect facility to house sick or unwell dogs away from your main kennel area. This provides all boarding kennel owners a warm dry building to properly care for unwell dogs.

These bespoke isolation kennels meets all the new licensing guidelines, can be made to any size or specification

Our new Isolation kennels are designed to help boarding kennels with housing unwell dogs.

All operating kennels need the ability to effectively isolate dogs who carry potentially infectious diseases. It is so important to maintain hygiene in kennels and to meet the new licensing guidelines. These Isolation kennels provide a quiet and calm environment away from daily kennel activities, allowing dogs to be monitored with specific medical requirements.
These purpose-built modular buildings allow you to ensure that all the aspects of dog welfare are covered, and provide a place to get physically better and protect other dogs from contracting disease, and to rest and recuperate.
These new isolation units are fully structural and are manufactured from a material with very high thermal properties to ensure that the kennels can be kept warm to care for sick dogs. Another benefit is that they have good acoustic properties so they provide a quiet calm space for dogs to recover.
Another advantage of these kennels is that as they are positioned away from your main kennel blocks they can be used also as a safe haven for nervous dogs who are struggling in the kennel environment.
We can build these to any size or specification that you need and they exceed the new licensing guidelines.


Isolation Kennels Benefits

Easy to clean and maintain


Fully Structural


High Security solution


Will sit on any surface and can be levelled easily and quickly


Designed to be easily moved to a new location if required


6 times more thermally efficient than PVC or GRP


Drainage system can be fitted underneath the kennels


Very good acoustic properties


Conforms to The Animal Welfare Regulation 2018