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Insulated Dog Kennels

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If you are looking for a kennel that is better than these GRP kennels, one that is stronger and more durable, with 6 times better thermal qualities then please check out our new thermal dog kennels.



Our team of commercial kennel manufacturers tried to improve what is out there and we have made some significant improvements on these to ensure that our kennel is the strongest and best insulated out there. We have made many subtle design changes to ensure that this is the most durable available and is built to last.  Basically we have upgraded everything so its problem free including the sliding hatch mechanism.

If you are looking for an insulated dog kennel then this is the best you can get for your money. Come and see our display kennel if you are in any doubt, we have many years experience at building commercial dog kennels.

These are available in single or double units and come with a fully insulated sleeping area with inspection window and  access door and a sliding hatch assembly leading to a dog run area. Fully insulated floor mage from a waterproof phenolic board.

Please note: There are a few companies out there who manufacture a similar looking dog kennel but they use a thinner plastic composite material which is a very different product to the material we use to build our dog kennels. This plastic material has a very short lifespan and tends to de-laminate with rainwater over a period of time.

We supply the Ministry of Defence, Police Forces nationwide, security services, gun dog breeders, trainers and handlers, country estates, working dogs and breeders who require dog kennels and runs for their dogs full time.

If you are looking for a stronger, more durable kennel with 6 times better thermal qualities then please check out our new thermal dog kennels.


Sleeping area dimensions:

  • 1500mm x 1500mm


Run area dimensions:

  • 2000mm x 1500mm


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