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Galvanised Mesh Door Right Dog Panels

Galvanised Mesh Door Right Dog Panels

Mesh Door Right Dog Run Panels

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Our mesh door right dog panels are manufactured to a very high standard and come with a lifetime warranty. If you are looking for strong and durable panels that are suitable for all breeds of dogs then look no further.


We supply these panels to many boarding kennels and commercial kennel environments so they are well proven.

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Mesh Door Right panels are some of the best kennel fronts on the market. These panels are very strong and durable and are chosen by professional organisations in the dog world. We tend to sell this type of panels to boarding kennels, charities, police and army as they are a very secure way of containing dogs.

The Mesh Dog Run Panel has a Door Panel fitted to the right if you are facing the panel.These mesh galvanised panels bolt together very easily and  are pre-drilled for easy assembly and all the required fixings are included. All the mesh door right panels are hot dipped galvanised and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

All our mesh door panels are manufactured to European and British standards.

Galvanised Mesh Dog Run Panels Specification

  • 50mm x 50mm x 4mm mesh gauge
  • Frame 25mm x 25mm
  • Panel Height 1.84m
  • Manufactured  in accordance with DIN 2394-2 standards. The steel grade is RST 37-2.
  • Suited to all sizes of dogs and puppies.
  • The zinc coating is made from elements according to the European DIN 1461 standards (BS 1461) and is ISO-9002 certified.
  • All doors open inwards.
  • Panel Height 1.84m
  • Delivery is £25 first panel then £5 per panel inc vat


Delivery is £25 first panel then £5 per panel inc vat


Galvanised Mesh Door Right Dog Run Features

• All panels have an extra strong welds


• Manufactured from strong gauge wire


• Each panel comes with two free bolts, nuts and washers


• Panels bolt from front rear or side.


• Lifetime warranty