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Security Floor Brackets or Wall Brackets

Dog Run Floor/ Wall Brackets

£3.00 Inc. VAT

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These angled floor/wall brackets can  be used to secure your dog run to a concrete base or to fix the panels to a wall or kennel structure. We always recommend that you secure your dog run enclosure to a concrete base.


Delivery is £20 first panel then only £5 per panel inc vat

To secure a run down to a concrete base just buy as many of these as you need, once bolted down your dog run will be safe and even more importantly so too will be your dogs. These brackets will prevent thieves and ensure that your dogs are safe at all times.

Each bracket has two elongated slots so it allows you to cater for a slightly uneven floor heights.

These brackets can also be used as wall brackets to secure panels to a kennel or wall structure. Please note that these run brackets do not come with fixings so you will need to provide these.

Free delivery on these floor/ wall brackets


Dog Run Floor/ Wall Brackets

Strong floor brackets that can also be used as a wall bracket to secure panels


Fully galvanised for long life


Adjustable slots to allow you to adjust the panel height if the ground is uneven