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Apex Thermal Kennels

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Strong structural Apex Thermal Kennels that are an innovation in dog kenneling. These are over 6 times warmer than pvc or grp kennels and totally structural so they will withstand the most extreme weather conditions. These are designed to be very durable and last for 25+ years, if you are looking for a long term kennel solution then come and see these new kennels.


Manufactured to exceed all the new licensing requirements.



Our new range of structural apex thermal kennels are here. These premium dog kennels are the best on the market as they are built to last and perform. These are 6 times more efficient thermally than pvc or grp and are significantly stronger.

These Apex thermal kennels look great in any setting as a standalone kennel with their pitched roofs. If required larger run areas can easily be added to the side or front of the kennel so there are lots of options to give your dogs free but safe space to exercise whilst your out or at work.

Designed to perform in extreme weather conditions these kennels have been made stand up to anything that mother nature throws at them with a huge life expectancy of 25+ years.

They are manufactured from super-efficient thermal composite 40mm thick walls and a 40mm thick roof system and a waterproof phenolic floor 18mm thick.

These kennel systems are mounted onto a galvanised raft with adjustable feet so there is no need to put down a costly concrete base if you don’t have one already. These will happily sit on concrete, paving slabs, gravel or even turf with special type of feet.

Another great advantage of this is that they can easily be moved and relocated to a new location as they are a structural kennel.

They come complete with an insulated lockable door with an inspection window and a sliding hatch system.  If you’re looking for a high end quality kennel solution then please get in touch with us to discuss your dogs requirements.

For commercial situations these new type of kennels make an excellent isolation dog kennel too. All kennels meet and exceed the new licensing guidelines.

These kennels are currently made in the following sizes:

Sleeping Areas 1.5m x 1.5m or 1.5m x 2m

Run Areas 1.5m x 1.5m or 1.5m x 2m

Footprint 1.5m x 3m or 1.5m x 4m

We can also make bespoke sizes if you need something outside these dimensions.  If you’re looking for a kennel that blends in to your surroundings then please see our new woodgrain thermal dog kennels

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