Why Dog Runs Are a Perfect Solution for Hot Weather

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 17 August 2015

Summer has finally hit the UK and with it has come record temperatures of over 36 degrees. Whilst this comes as great news to sun worshippers across the country, it is not so great news for dogs. There have been numerous reports in the media of dogs being left in cars across the country and dying. However, this tragedy can be avoided. If you are reluctant to leave your dog alone in the house, then dog runs may be the perfect solution for your pet.

According to the RSPCA, even if you leave windows open and park in the shade, your car will warm to at least 47 degrees within an hour if it is 22 degrees outside. This can prove fatal to your dog if it is left in the car.

The RSPCA suggest that if you see a dog in a car on a hot day, you should contact the police immediately and take steps to track the car owners. Look for signs of heat stroke in the dog including excessive panting and salivation, distressed behaviour and dark red gums. If you believe a dog has heat stroke, try to cool them down using cool water, encourage them to drink by passing water to them through any open windows and once out of the car massage their legs to help maintain blood flow.
Rather than risk this possibility, the kindest solution for your pet is to leave it at home. However, some people don’t like to leave their dogs in the home due to a variety of factors such as destructive behaviour. One of the best solutions would be to create dog runs outside in your garden or yard.

An important consideration when creating outdoor dog runs is whether the dog run has a shaded area so the dog can get out of direct sun if it wishes. This ensures your dog doesn’t over-heat. A dog cabin is an ideal “safe place” for your pet that provides shelter from all the elements. However, on a really hot day consider further shade and where you place the dog run in your outdoor space.

It is also vital that your dog has access to fresh water. Some dogs are very good at tipping over water bowls, which puts them at serious risk of dehydration. For this reason, it is worth considering a water bowl that clips to the side of the dog run. Some experts suggest putting some ice cubes in the water to try and keep it cool. It would also be a good idea to fill more than one bowl to ensure your dog won’t run out of water.

Another option on a hot day is to fill a kong (or similar tough, fillable toy) with a wet dog food and freeze it. This is especially useful for a destructive dog as it provides long lasting entertainment since the frozen food is harder to get out. Some people go one step further and put paddling pools in the run so the dog can lie in the water and relax (if the dog runs are large enough).

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