Why 8cm bar dog run panels are flawed

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 08 September 2015

We have sold galvanised dog run panels for many years and have always given our customers the choice between buying the 8cm bar dog run panels or 5cm bar dog run panels. However, we have now made the decision to only stock 5cm dog run panels as we have reservations about the 8cm dog run panels.

The 8cm galvanised dog panels have significantly less bars in them than the 5cm panels which straight away weakens the panel overall making it an inferior in strength. Having fewer bars in each individual panel means the panels are more likely to flex which can have serious implications to end users. Over the last few years we have been experiencing a substantially high level of damage to our panels during transit and after investigating further have noticed this is only happening to the 8cm bar panels highlighting their flaws to us.

With dog theft on the rise every day you want to have complete confidence that your dog run is safe when you are not around. However, we feel with the possibility of these 8cm bars flexing, it could be easy for a determined person to bend the bars apart and have a big enough gap to get to your dogs. This is not possible on the 5cm bar panels making them a safer choice for any dog owner.

Another flaw in the 8cm gap dog panels would be that dogs are able to get their teeth around the bars themselves causing considerate damage to the panels which eventually will weaken the bars further. We have also heard of situations where dogs have managed to squeeze their head through the 8cm gap and get stuck in the panel which of course can be dangerous and traumatic for your dogs.

In short the issues we have found with the 8cm galvanised dog panels are as follows:

·         Easily damaged in transit

·         Can bend and flex too easily

·         Dogs can get heads through and trapped

·         Dogs can get teeth around bars damaging panels

·         Security risks

·         Weaker than 5cm panels

For the reasons listed above we have decided to stop selling 8cm galvanised dog panels and only stock the 5cm versions which are suitable for all dog types, are durable and strong and do not have any of the issues that are associated with the 8cm panels. We stock these panels in 1m, 1.22m, 1.5m and 2m widths whilst all panels come in our standard 1.84m in height.  We like to only sell products we fully believe in and after months of investigating and testing we believe our 5cm galvanised dog run panels are the best on market.

If you need any advice or information on these panels, then please do not hesitate to call us on our free phone number 08451801010.