Which is the Best Dog Run Surface?

  • Posted By: admin
  • Date: 17 June 2015

Choosing the correct flooring to any run is important, by making the right choice you can save yourself a lot of time and effort. What you need to consider is how often will your dog run be in use, will this just be used infrequently or is this something that will be in permanent use?

There are many different types of floors that can be used and of course each has pro’s and con’s so you need to think long and hard before deciding what works best for you. A very cheap and easy flooring to use is wood/ bark chips as these can easily be scattered normally to approximately 3 inches deep to give a natural soft bed, however bear in mind that over time these do sink and will need topping up, also there is a tendency for these to move so often will need raking level to avoid thin patches. The main problem is that the wood/bark can harbour germs and insects particularly ticks, also due to the absorbent nature of wood urine absorbs into the wood and this can then start to emit an unpleasant odour.

Many people like to use pea gravel in a dog run but this can be difficult for owners a pets to move on this and the gravel has a tendency to move revealing bare patches so it will need continuous raking. It also tends to be a good place for bugs and fleas to hide in so would need regular treating and of course could not be power washed. There are other types of gravel like asphalt which tends not to move like pea gravel but this can become very hot in summer and scorch your dogs pads.

Grass makes a good natural flooring for any dog run and is great for dog runs that are being moved around a garden so ideal for a temporary dog run , however if not moved frequently enough the grass will wear away leaving bare patches of earth which can turn to mud with rain. Certainly for a permanent dog run this would not be a feasible option, you should then look at either putting down a concrete pad or laying some paving slabs. Whichever is your preferred method please bear in mind that you need to build this with a slight incline so the rainwater drains off easily and doesn’t tend to pool, if you can build this with a drainage system integrated then this would be the best solution as it is surprising how much water falls during a storm and also will aid the cleaning and hosing off the surface of the dog run.

Our preferred dog run surface is the concrete as this tends to be more stable than paving slabs as these have a tendency to subside with time and you can end up having to repair or relay this in the long term also the grouting can delaminate causing possible health risks for your dog. A concrete pad will offer the best possible dog run surface but the downside is that these can be expensive and to ensure that they are laid correctly with the necessary falls in gradient are best being laid by a professional. For further help and advice on choosing the right dog run surface please don’t hesitate to contact us.