Using Dog Run Panels to Increase Your Holiday Home Income

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 27 October 2016

There is no question that dogs are part of the family and as a result of this many families want to take their dog (or dogs) on holiday rather than leaving them in kennels. Holidays for people with multiple dogs are proving more difficult to source. A lot of holiday cottages and parks will only take one large or two small dogs. This unfortunately rules out a large part of the dog-owning public.

It is also quite fair to say that people with multiple dogs invariably have better-behaved dogs – even more so if they are large. Those who take dog agility or obedience classes, for instance, often have several dogs at a time. However, having that many dogs in their own house means, as a rule, they are usually well behaved and disciplined and are expected to stay when and wherever they are told.

It is understandable, though, that as a holiday cottage owner you don’t want your property damaged or sprayed with mud or have floors covered with muddy paw prints. Most multiple dog owners have exactly the same issue in their own homes and will have either a utility room or an outside area with dog run panels where they can leave the dogs after exercise until they are dry and cleaned off. Dogs are used to this and are quite happy to remain there, and indeed many sleep outside during the warmer months. Other owners may just want a secure area to leave the dog whilst they are relaxing in the garden.

By providing an outside unit with dog run panels, housing a dry kennel area, you will open up a whole new client base for your holiday homes. There are many specific websites for ‘dogs welcome’ holidays, with an ideal chance to advertise the facility you offer.

Word of mouth is invaluable in these specialist areas, and offering a secure kennel area with dog run panels will make your property an attractive option. By finding out when dog shows and competitions are being held locally to your property, you can target your advertising to those attending. Providing information on local vets and dog-friendly walks in the area and offering to organise delivery of heavy dog food would be good ideas. Providing an additional ‘pet’ washing machine for blankets and towels will be another good selling point for owners.

Providing a kennel facility with dog run panels doesn’t need to be expensive. Take a look at the different layouts and sizes available, and if you need a special size, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements.