Top 10 Tips Buying A Dog Kennel

  • Posted By: admin
  • Date: 05 March 2015

1. Before buying a dog kennel of any sort  there are a number of considerations before you part with your hard earned money. If you are buying a new puppy then we hope that you have researched your breed and know their size and capabilities when fully grown.  It is important that you have a good understanding of the space they will need for the sleeping compartment and dog run. Always make this larger than you think you will need to ensure that they have room to stretch and turn around easily. Always remember a dog that has space to sleep and exercise will be a happy dog.
2. Larger stronger and more active breeds are going to need a stronger kennel than a smaller passive breed, you need to ensure that whatever you decide needs to be substantial enough to ensure that they cannot escape. In the dog run please bear in mind that the 5cm gap bar panels are stronger than the 8cm so it may be a good decision to pay the extra for stronger dog run panels.

3. The aspect of any kennel is a really important factor to consider, cold winds can be uncomfortable for any animal especially as it may bring driving rain so position your dog kennel in a sheltered spot if at all possible. Dogs love to interact so try to see if you can locate this so your dog has a view to your house so that it can interact.
4. Please bear in mind that some dogs can jump very high, some up to 5ft in height so when looking at the dog run always buy a run that is at least 1.84m high. All our standard dog run panels are 1.84m (6ft) in height to ensure that your dog can’t jump over the top of them. Please bear in mind that mesh panels are easier for dogs to climb as they can scramble up them so where possible try to go for bar dog run panels as these are more difficult for them to do this.
5. How permanent is your dog kennel going to be? If you are looking for something permanent then it would be best to ensure that you spend whatever is necessary to have a professional kennel that is safe, dry and secure for your dog. If the dog kennel is only going to be used during the better weather then you don’t need to consider insulating the dog kennel against the elements. Is the dog run something permanent or will you want to move this around your garden. There are some very good budget dog runs that are easy to set up and can be moved very easily if required. However please bear in mind that these may not be as durable and a strong dog could possibly escape.
6. If your dog will be left for long periods of time then shade will be a factor as the dog will need to escape the strong midday sun so ensure that there is shade available or look at getting a roof for the dog run. Sometimes it could be a sheet of canvas or something similar or for a more permanent solution you can get roofing panels  very cheaply from your local builders merchant.
7. When buying the galvanised panels for your dog run, many customers make the mistake of buying the wrong type of spacings between the bars. There are two types 5cm and 8cm spacings, if you have a smaller dog or are housing puppies then the 5cm bar dog run panels are fine larger dogs tend to go for the 8cm bar panels unless they have a very powerful dog then they would benefit from the 5cm bar panels.
8. All kennels need to be installed on a flat even surface so consider the flooring to the dog run area. Generally most customers will either put down a concrete slab or use paving stones but always try to ensure that there is a gradual slope to the run otherwise rainwater will pool and this will restrict the free area of a dog run on wet days. If you can look at installing a drainage grid system so the water runs off the dog run area and into a flush surface mounted drain.
9. All kennels need to be kept clean so you need to think long and hard about the materials used in the construction of the sleeping compartment. Internally wood is difficult to clean and harbours germs and bacteria. Ideally a wipe clean surface is the best solution so that you can occasionally give this a good clean with detergents. The cleaner the dog kennel the healthier the dog so ensure you plan a regular cleaning of your dog kennel.
10. Always look for a kennel with a raised sleeping area or ensure you install a raised bed, cold floors and draughts can cause a number of health problems so by lifting the dog off the floor will ensure that they are more comfortable. If you can choose a raised dog bed that can be easily cleaned or power-washed then so much the better.