The significance of Dog Runs in Canine Behaviour

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 05 November 2015

Observant dog owners will know from experience that their dog’s behaviour changes dramatically in accordance with their surroundings. A dog’s environment —whether indoors or outdoors, sociable or solitary —is one of the chief factors in determining how happy and fulfilled the animal is likely to be. Read on to discover how quality dog runs are now recognised as providing a valuable outlet for a dog’s energy and instincts.

Safe and Secure

The RSPCA advises that exercise requirements differ greatly from dog to dog and from breed to breed, but that all dogs benefit from time and space outdoors. The chief concern of responsible owners is often how safe and secure their dog would be if left outside —particularly as dog thefts from gardens and driveways are now a genuine concern. Dog runs, as opposed to the boundaries of an ordinary garden, can provide total security and effective exercise whilst also allowing the dog to fully see and enjoy its outdoor environment. Studies now recognise that dogs benefit from a variety of sensory stimulation and that many common behavioural complaints greatly improve if boredom is reduced. A dog run ensures that a dog is in no danger from thieves, traffic or other animals, for example, but still allows the dog to roam and engage naturally with its environment —through sight, sound and smell.

Variety of Finishes

It is a common misconception that dog runs can appear unsightly. It is now possible, however, to choose from a wide variety of runs in a range of materials and finishes to suit your own tastes, home and pet. Quality dog runs should be durable and weather-resistant, but this does not have to be at the expense of style. Select a run that you and your dog will personally enjoy, and it will become a seamless part of your lifestyle.

If you are new to purchasing runs or are perhaps unsure about the maintenance, there are numerous additional blog posts on our site to assist you. Why not read up on how and when to check your run, ensure additional safety or learn why certain materials and bars are flawed? In no time at all, you will be getting the very most from your dog run —and your dog.