Reviewing Safety in Dog Runs and Kennels

  • Posted By: admin
  • Date: 17 April 2015

After the devastating news that Manchester Dogs Home had been a victim of a fire in September it has come to our attention that there should be more guidance on how to keep your dog’s safe in their kennel. In view of the amount of recent fires we feel there should be an urgent case of investigating the type of materials used when building dog runs and kennels.

Choosing the right material is a key thing when deciding on a kennel – many breeders, rescue centres and even boarding kennels have wood in their kennels however as one of the most flammable products it is highly unadvisable to purchase such a product. Instead it is recommended that a kennel should be built of a fire retardant material. If you are looking at replacing or building a dog kennel for yourself or a commercial venture it is of high importance to research companies that use materials that are fire retardant.

Keeping your kennel clean and in order is highly important, if there was ever to be an emergency of any sort you need to be able to access the building from as many places as possible and reach contact with all the dogs inside to get them to safety quickly. Make sure all staff understand the importance of knowing not to leave things in the wrong places and not to block any exits. It is important to have the correct number of fire alarms installed in the building, the larger the kennel the more you will need and it would be advisable to check these as regularly as possible. Build this into your weekly routine and you will always have peace of mind your animals are safe.

Keep all of your flammable cleaning products away from the dog runs and kennels. If these are left throughout the kennel it will increase the danger of any fire starting and also will encourage it to spread across the kennel itself. Ensure all electrical installations and appliances are maintained regularly and that all trailing cables are safe including any heating appliances to heat the kennel. An old or unmaintained appliance can easily be the cause of a fire, so by ensuring they are checked regularly by a professional lessens the chance of any fire. There must be a standard procedure to be followed in case of a fire or emergency which needs to be written out in view of all staff and anyone on site must be informed of this to help aid a smooth evacuation.

By increasing safety measures as listed above you lessen your chances of your kennel setting fire however if your kennel has wood within its structure it is worthwhile considering upgrading to a safer kennel with fire retardant materials. View our range of galvanised dog run panels or use our bespoke panel serviceto help make your kennel areas a safer place.