Preventing Dogs from Barking in Dog Runs

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 04 January 2017

For dog owners who choose to keep their animals in dog runs while they are out, the prospect of their barking all day can be a worrying thought. Not only will they be concerned about upsetting their neighbours with noise pollution, but it can become distressing for their pet too. Training dogs out of incessant barking is possible, but it requires dedicated training and a good understanding of why they are barking in order to address the problem appropriately. Here are some reasons why dogs bark in crates, kennels and dog runs and what you can do to control it.

Some dogs are genetically prone to barking – usually breeds such as terriers are the worst offenders – and will react noisily to any change in their environment. Breeds such as setters and collies require lots of exercise and simply can’t run around as much as they’d like to in this enclosed space, so they bark, chew and dig out of frustration. For other dogs, it is more about their temperament than their breed; some dogs (particularly those with an unsettled history) may suffer from separation anxiety and bark from fear of being left alone. This also applies to demanding dogs, who aren’t scared but simply feel bored and lonely when shut in their dog runs. Territorial dogs may bark in their run when they sense movement around their house because they feel it is their duty to raise the alarm and protect their home.

As you can see, there are many reasons why dogs may bark in dog runs. Some practical considerations can easily be incorporated in order to control their barking before resorting to stringent training exercises such as gradual retreat and reward-punishment techniques. Spending some time acclimatizing your pet to his run is a good starting point – let him play and explore it with you around before shutting him in. Ensure the run is comfortable and includes food and toys that they will enjoy. Some people also leave a small battery-operated radio nearby to eliminate the silence that can cause dogs to become anxious and lonely. Giving them a long walk before shutting them in a run may also reduce the likelihood of their barking.

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