New proposals for dog shows

  • Posted By: admin
  • Date: 17 June 2014

After the Kennel club’s latest announcement last week about a two year suspension of stake classes and unbeaten dog rules, there have now been more proposals revealed by the organisation in a bid to increase population for dog owners to enter dog shows. The Kennel Club are now going through several proposals that will help the dog shows by boosting both the number of entries of dogs in the competitions and also the amount of visitors to the shows by improving the experience.

At the beginning of November, The Kennel Club held a meeting where a number of proposals were raised in front of representatives from general and championship show societies. The proposals included increasing the amount of all breed championships across the UK, trialling the ‘have a go’ dog show model and giving more challenge certificates to breeds in the KC Stud Book under bands D and E.

It has now been decided that as of January 2015, representative shows will now be replaced with all breed championship shows such as Crufts and the National. The Kennel Club are considering increasing the number of these shows dependant on demand and whether this would increase the number of people attending the other shows. However, this proposal included several different conditions which each society would need to meet in order for this to be given the go ahead. The variety of conditions included the dates of the shows being held; they must be held within a current number of days, group days must rotate and only existing championship show societies can apply. If successful, it would be running for a five year period starting from January 2018.

The meeting also received revealed results from research performed at dog shows at the beginning of 2014. This showed that what people enjoy most about dog shows is socialising with other dog loving people and discussing dog related matters and products to each other. Most people look to broaden their contact list during shows and keep in touch after through social media.

One subject that was discussed was the cost of the competitions for exhibitors. The financial implications of entering a show go far beyond the cost of prepping the dogs for the show. They include travelling and accommodation costs as well as food for the duration of the show which is often a lengthy period of time. In return for spending much to compete, the awards should be of a higher quality than a piece of card. A rosette would be better and would be something they could keep as part of their growing portfolio.

All of the points raised in the meetings were valid and positive points and it is now a case of taking each one and bringing it into action to increase the popularity of the dog shows for both the exhibitors and the visitors in the coming years.