New Kennel Flooring

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 28 January 2020

We are now installing a recycled plastic flooring as an option in all our kennels. This new type of flooring meets all the new boarding kennel licensing and has been chosen as it has all the right qualities.

This eco friendly flooring has been recycled so its always good to re-use a material as it helps us to do our bit for the planet and sits well with us. It is also extremely hard wearing and virtually indestructible. This is great news for kennel owners who have dogs that try to dig as they struggle to make an impression.

One of our commercial kennel clients has been using this flooring now for over 2 years and its still looking as good as when it was installed even though she has determined dogs in this kennel.

The material has an anti slip surface to it so it is completely safe to use even when wet. Its also great news for kennel hands that need to clean a kennel or cattery as it promotes excellent hygiene being easy to clean down and is resistant to most chemicals.

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