Keeping Your Dogs Warm This Winter

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 04 October 2019

As Autumn is finally upon us, the leaves are starting to change colour and there is a chill in the air we naturally start to contemplate the implications of winter. Cold nights, driving rain and sub-zero temperatures not only impact on ourselves but our four-legged friends.

Now is the time to start to think seriously about your dog’s environment through this cold part of the year. All dogs like to den and keep warm and there are lots of options to choose from if you are looking for a warm dry kennel that keeps your dog’s warm and safe.

Insulated kennels or thermal dog kennels as they are more commonly known come in a whole range of guises and yet some perform so much better than others. Unfortunately for customers many companies brand their kennel systems as ‘thermal’ and ‘well insulated’ when clearly they offer little benefit.

Thermoplastic kennels, plastic kennels, grp kennels are just a few to choose from and these tend to vary from little benefit to slightly improved thermal benefit but they still don’t perform very well in U values and are not really going to keep your dog’s very warm.

Many kennel manufacturers talk up these products but in truth the benefit is minimal as they struggle to retain heat. We used to make plastic kennels and GRP kennels, but ceased making these types of kennels as we don’t believe that they offer a good solution for kennels.

As manufacturers of kennels we wanted to have faith in what we sold so we now use a material which is 6 times more efficient thermally than plastic/ grp kennels and we know that will provide warm, long term solutions that customers will be happy with.

If you are looking for a new kennel, whether an individual unit for your dog or a kennel block then please get in touch to find out more about the options available. Our friendly staff look forward to hearing from you.