How to spring clean your dog run

  • Posted By: admin
  • Date: 17 May 2014

As spring approaches, it is the perfect time to prepare to spring clean your dog run. Its the time of year where people tend to go away more and dogs are put in kennels so it is important your kennel is up to standard and all the correct checks and cleaning processes are performed.

When beginning cleaning the kennel, it makes sense to work in a simple and memorable order, for each and every dog kennel. Your kennel staff should all learn to clean the kennels in the same way and follow a routine to ensure a high standard is maintained.

Naturally, the floor is what will need a lot of attention so ensure you have the correct equipment for this section. Many people will think that diluting bleach would be the best thing to clean and disinfect a dog run however this is incorrect, using bleach is actually more destructive than beneficial. Any chlorine or hydrogen peroxide based product will attack your surfaces and work to destroy them over time.

Instead, you should look to purchase a hospital grade disinfectant cleaner as it is safe to use for both animals, humans and also surfaces whilst doing a better job at cleaning than bleach would do. These cleaners tend to come concentrated so you can choose how much to dilute them depending on the job you need it for. It is always best to find a complete cleaner that includes a cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer in one than buying three separately. It tends to work out cheaper and makes the cleaning routine a lot more simple.

You can use this cleaner to clean both the concrete base of your kennels and also the dog run panels, so it means you can cut your cleaning time considerably as you don’t have to leave the kennel to fetch other products or change mops and cloths. Check to see if your cleaner needs to be rinsed as some do not need to be rinsed off as they are perfectly safe for dogs. Whilst, you should clean your kennel during the dogs stay and afterwards, when you have a section of your kennels empty take this as your opportunity to do a thorough clean. The standard of hygiene in your kennels will show to your customers and this could earn you a potential referal increasing your business.

Whilst cleaning your kennel, it is the perfect time to check any maintenance issues and get them fixed whilst the kennel is empty. Check all bolts are fastened tightly and oil hinges to ensure they are maintained well and don’t squeak. Lastly check in and around the kennels for dog hair and leaves getting stuck in the drains, blocked drains can cause hugh problems for kennels so it is important that this is done regularly to prevent and issues.