How to secure a dog kennel

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 05 October 2015

It is coming to that time of year where unfortunately thieves make plans to steal whatever possible to make money ahead of the Christmas season. During the next few weeks it is advisable to take extra measures with your dog kennel to ensure you keep your family safe.

Unfortunately, this week a very valuable puppy, Lila an eight week old British Bulldog puppy was snatched from her home when her owners thought they were meeting a potential owner for her. The thief pretended to be interested in buying the puppy that is worth around £16,000 when he snatched her and rang off with her. Within a very short space of time and with very little intelligence or careful planning the thief had stolen Lila. Her owners are now desperately searching for her and campaigning for her safe return.

With this in mind, it is the most important time to up your security in your home and protective not just your pets, but yourselves also. Many dogs, whether they are boarding, or breeding or house pets are kept in kennels outside and due to the fact they are usually away from the family home and unattended at times can become a target for thieves. However, it is simple to keep your kennel secure so you will have peace of mind that your dogs are safe.

Firstly, create a lock down sheet that you and whoever else uses the kennel will follow whenever leaving the kennels alone. Have this printed and secured inside the building so everyone becomes used to it and the lock down routine will become a habit. Include basic things such as locking all cages and doors but add extra security checks such as pushing the doors, or pulling on the padlocks so everything has been double checked.

Use as many padlocks as possible, whilst they are not fool proof and a thieve could break them, adding extra will deter them and also slow them down giving you time to get there or for them to be caught in the action. Thieves tend to target easy access properties or kennels so by having these extra measures in place and easily seen by the public will help deter thieves.
If you perform security checks, change the times of these checks daily, thieves might watch your property for a few days before the break in and will get to know your routine quickly, by changing the routine of your security checks you will ensure they don’t have a clear window of opportunity.

Finally, install CCTV to the exterior of your building, out of reach to thieves. Whether the CCTV is working or not, it will help deter thieves. If it works, run regular checks on it to ensure there is no suspicious activity going on around your kennel.
If you follow the above steps to ensure maximum security to your building then you should be thief free this winter. Make sure you take all the steps necessary as thieves will target you first if you don’t.