How to Keep Your Dog Safe this Christmas

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 15 December 2016

The run up to Christmas is unfortunately notorious for a rise in dog theft as thieves look to steal anything to make money ahead of the festive season. Now is the time to take extra measures to add security to your dog kennels and keep your beloved pets safe.

If your dog is kept outside in kennels either in the daytime whilst you are out or at night time unsupervised then you might become a target for thieves. Thieves will always look for the easy option and often an unsupervised dog in a dog run could be seen as exactly that.

In the news this week an extremely valuable greyhound Clares Rocket has been stolen from his kennel after being targeted by thieves who knew the dog was worth around 1 Million Euros. The dog has now been reunited with its owner who is relieved after what they describe as a ‘nightmare’.

With this in mind it is imperative that you beef up your security to protect your dogs. Depending what your dog run is made from will determine how safe it already is. A bar panelled run is by far the safest form of dog run, as it’s so simple for a thief to cut through chain link mesh panels with wire cutters with very little struggle or noise. Chain link dog runs are extremely easy to access so customers should look closely at the type of dog runs before ordering.

You can add deterrents to your dog run by having security lights outside your property that turn on via movement; this makes thieves more visible and could deter them. You could also set up a camera for the outside of your property. This is reasonably simple and less expensive than you would imagine but again a thief wouldn’t want to be caught on camera so it could put them off targeting you. Smaller simple actions such as adding more padlocks onto both the dog run itself but also any gates to enter your garden would slow thieves down making the process riskier and could discourage them.

Thieves will monitor properties with dogs for a few days before making an attempt to steal anything so try to not stick to the same routine and check on your dog more regularly during this period than usual.

If you follow the above steps to ensure maximum security to your dog run then you should be thief free this winter. Make sure you take all the steps necessary as thieves will target you first if you don’t.