How to choose Boarding kennels with appropriate dog runs

  • Posted By: admin
  • Date: 17 March 2015

It is vital to choose the right boarding kennels with dog runs to ensure your peace of mind and your dog’s happiness. Read more below.

Most dog owners will have to use a boarding kennel at some point during their dog’s life. Whether it’s for an occasional short stay or an annual trip you will want to ensure your dog is happy when they are there. Many people ask themselves, ‘How will I know if my dog enjoys boarding kennels?’ and “How can I choose the right boarding kennels with appropriate facilities such as adequate dog runs.” The answers are very simple.

Look at his personality when he enters the boarding kennel, does he go to the staff easily and seem happy when you walk away? This can only work if your dog has stayed there a couple of times as first time dogs will understandably be nervous and unsure of being left with a stranger. When you collect your dog, ask how your dog interacted with other dogs, whether he played with them, was he active every day and was he eating okay. If your dog was eating and playing in the dog runs then he most likely was enjoying his time there.

You can help improve your dog’s experience at the boarding kennel by providing your dog with a blanket and toy that will comfort him at night time as they will remind him of home and will smell of you. You can also give your own food to the kennel to use so you know they enjoy it and will be well fed. You can also specify whether you want your dog to interact with other dogs at all and in particular if you want them to only be around a certain size or gender.

Research your choice of boarding kennel thoroughly by visiting a selection and making comparisons. Once you have selected your two favourites then feel free to revisit them. Any reputable boarding kennel will be more than happy to show you around again and answer any questions you may have. Find out about their average capacity, their daily routines, and the staff that work there. Ensure they seem busy all year round, this would indicate that customers are returning and using the kennels regularly. Also ensure that all the staff you speak to seem genuine about caring for dogs as that would be a sign that they would look after your dog in the same way that you would.

Lastly, ensure you are showed around the actual kennel your dog would be staying in; check the size of it, materials and maintenance, whether they can see outside and the cleanliness. You are looking for a generous sleeping and playing area that is the correct temperature and preferably so they can see outside. You will want your dog sleeping in a secure building so check what materials are used. In light of recent events, ensure no wood is used within the structure and that it looks clean and safe for your dog. Ensure that dog runs are secure and made of suitable materials. We would always recommend galvanised dog runs as galvanisation prevent rusting and points of weakness are therefore far less likely to form.

If your dog has enjoyed their stay, the second time you drop them off they will seem willing to walk into the kennels with the staff and you can know they are happy where they are.