Galvanised Dog Runs for All Weathers

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 28 August 2015

When building dog runs for home use, kennel environments or veterinary care accommodation, using galvanised panels is an essential part of the process. Dogs need space to exercise, but giving them freedom to roam is not always possible or desirable. Creating galvanised dog runs can offer the perfect compromise: an outdoor space in which dogs can play, run and explore but with minimised risks of escape or harm. For aggressive animals, this is especially important for the protection of the public too.

The panels from which a run is constructed are integral to its stability and longevity. Given the fact that dog runs are generally located outside and subject to changing weather conditions, it is important to use appropriate materials which are able to withstand rain, ice, heat and wind. Galvanised dog runs made from panels conforming to the highest European standards of manufacture will not rust or decay in the same way as lesser products might. This is ideal for the climate of the United Kingdom, where rain is generally reliable.

A dog run is created to last for many years. That’s why galvanised modular panels all come with their own ten-year warranty, protecting the customer and showing the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of their products. Whether it’s for domestic or commercial use, a modular system facilitates the creation of dog runs of all shapes and sizes, configured to suit both the space in which it is built and also the breeds of dogs who will use it. Different sizes of bars and mesh panels also give flexibility in terms of height, width and strength. Panels also come with the required fittings for construction which are suitable for use in a range of weather conditions and will withstand even the wettest winters.

In addition, draught-excluding panels can be fitted to offer extra shelter from winds, and kennels and cabins offer a secure place for the dog to sleep or hide. Although the galvanised panels are designed to cope with a range of weather conditions, animals also need suitable warmth and shelter too.

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