Does size really matter in a dog run?

  • Posted By: admin
  • Date: 12 January 2015

If you are looking to invest in a dog run you need to consider carefully the size and layout of the dog run, does size really matter?

Whilst the current Boarding Kennel Act states a minimum size for commercial dog runs, there is no restriction on the size of dog runs for your own pet. The first thing to take into consideration is the breed of dog you are housing – larger dogs obviously need more exercise and will benefit from having a larger dog run than smaller breeds. However, as much as you would like to give your pet unlimited space you have to take what useable space you have into consideration.

Dog runs don’t always have to be square: look at using all areas of your garden before choosing the right area to use for your dog run. This will help as you may be able to have a bigger dog run in different areas of your garden. The more space the dog has, the more enjoyable their dog run will be which is better for their wellbeing.

If you are looking for a dog run where your dog can spend a few hours per day then you will need a run that is big enough for your dog to play and run around however that is also big enough to have designated areas in the run. You can buy food and water bowls that attach to the bars of the kennel and ideally this should be situated well away from the area they will use as their toilet. Then choose the correct place for the sleeping area. Most people will include a kennel inside their dog run so they know if the weather changes whilst they are out then at least their dog has somewhere warm and dry to shelter.

A common mistake that dog owners make is choosing a dog run that is too small, thinking it will be the correct size after planning  However once you add in a dog, a kennel, some toys and food area the actual space left is very minimal. If you create your dog run to be too small then your dogs will not appreciate it, they will not enjoy their time spent in the run and may pine to be let free. A dog run is meant to give them the sense of freedom and allow them to roam around as they would outside usually however with the added security of the panel structure.

If you are looking to house more than one dog then you may need to consider two separate dog runs rather than one larger one. Only ever choose to house dogs together if you know that they enjoy each other’s company and that there is enough space for both of them to be together but can also play separately. Giving your dog enough space will not only be good for their mental wellbeing however it will also benefit yourself as you know whilst you are out your dog is getting fresh air, able to play freely and is secured in your garden.