Crufts Dog Show almost here

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 07 March 2016

The countdown for Crufts has begun and with over 150,000 visitors set to visit the NEC in Birmingham next weekend it’s no wonder that most dog owners are talking about the show, especially given the significance of this year’s event. Its Crufts 125th anniversary since the show began in 1891 in Islington.

Historically the show is known for the being the World’s biggest dog show and each year endeavours to make it bigger and better than ever. It is renowned for being a one stop dog where dog owners can seek to find the newest innovative products on the market for their pets. However each year we seem to see less and less new brands at the show and more stands that seem to be very loosely related to pets.

We had a customer last year who bought tickets to the show with the intention of purchasing dog run panels for her new boarding kennel she was setting up. We walked round all five halls in the NEC and did not see one company selling dog run panels. On the Monday after the show she contacted us and placed an order direct with us after telling us about her visit to Crufts. This is unfortunately a story we hear more often now than ever and the reason why could be that companies don’t want to pay for their spot at the show when next door there is a company selling products that are not related to pets. It brings the standard of the show down as it should be a show purely based on pets alone and after the general public have paid for their tickets they deserve to see the widest selection of products possible.

If you are considering purchasing dog run panels then our suggestion is to do your research before purchasing as if you buy cheap you often buy twice. Companies who offer the cheapest panels, do not necessarily stock products that are of the highest quality and these products can become faulty very quickly.

We only stock panels that we trust and know can last a lifetime as they are galvanised and hot dipped individually ensuring they are as strong as needed. We also only stock 5cm bar panels as this allows any breed to use them from the strongest large breeds to the smallest of puppies, they are universal. The panels are the most hygienic panels as they can quickly be disinfected and do not harbour germs. We send all of our panels with the correct fixings so everything you need will come with it.

We understand that choosing the panels can often be a daunting task, if you require any help or advice please call us on 01785819507