Containing a dog in a dog run

  • Posted By: admin
  • Date: 09 March 2015

There are many reasons dog owners look to contain their dog in a dog run and this is a successful solution to their problems. Dogs need a place to exercise and roam freely and a dog run is the perfect way to allow that.

A dog run is made from several galvanised dog run panels that you can bolt together yourself in whatever configuration fits your needs and your garden creating a secure outside place for your dog to enjoy. Once bolted together, you can use padlocks on the door entry to ensure completely security and leave your dog unattended with peace of mind.

Dog runs are currently replacing other ways of leaving your dog unattended without the risk of danger. Some dog owners leave their dog in the garden attached with their lead or a chain however this is extremely dangerous as due to the extra length on the tether used to give the dog a substantial area to roam; dogs can strangle themselves if they get caught up in the lead and it could lead to your dog injuring themselves.

Other dog owners use dog uses purely as a containment system. Many people have very open gardens that are unsafe for their dogs to roam freely. They have other animals, such as chickens that they want their dog staying away of when unattended. There may be roads that they want their dog to stay away from, or it could just be a way to ensure your dog doesn’t enter any of your neighbour’s gardens.

People may question how safe and secure a dog run is and whether a dog would be able to escape from the run. As long as you have secured the dog with a padlock and all the panels are bolted together then there is no way your dog can escape from the dog run.  The panels are tall enough so that no dog can jump over them and the gaps in the panels come in either 5cm or 8 cm gaps so if you choose the correct one for your dog breed then they will not be able to squeeze in between them.

In addition the dog run itself, you can add inside a kennel which can be fitted with dog blankets, beds and toys. You can also attach food and water bowls to the panels themselves which means you don’t need to worry about your dog being cooped up in a small area of your house or left outside on a chain where they are not safe.

If you feel that you need more information about dog runs or advice on how to order the correct panels for you then feel free to contact us and speak to one of our team.