Building galvanised dog runs

  • Posted By: admin
  • Date: 18 May 2015

Dogs need activity to stay fit and healthy but shouldn’t be left in the garden

unsupervised for safety reasons. Not only could they escape, running into dangers such

as roads and other animals, but they are also in a position to damage landscaped flower

beds or to dig in the lawn if no one is on hand to stop them. That’s why galvanised dog runs can

be the perfect solution, creating a designated space in which the dogs can run freely

whilst protecting the rest of the garden.

1. Choose the Location

The location of the dog run will be dependent on the size of the dogs for which it is built.

Generally speaking, galvanised dog runs are long, narrow rectangles, allowing a

straight run from end to end rather than a wider square shape which allows for less

paces. A 10ft length is an ideal minimum for most animals, with a width of at least 4ft.

2. Prepare the Area

Mark the area using stakes and string, then use a rake or tiller to remove the top layer

of grass and to loosen any of the topsoil within the floor shape. This creates a

foundation for the wood chips or mulch which will fill the run. For adding fencing to

create walls, dig the fence-post holes at appropriate intervals according to the size of

the panels being used.

3. Lay Flooring

Most outdoor galvanised dog runs are made using panel construction walls and a floor

of wood chips. These are a soft, natural substance for the dogs to run along. They are

weather-resistant and easy to lay. It can be helpful to lay long timbers along the edges

of the rectangular run to contain the wood chip as much as possible.

4. Fit the Fencing

Using the post holes made earlier, install the fencing panels selected for the job.

Galvanised dog runs are ideal when made in a modular construction such as this,

because additional panels could be later bolted on to extend the structure. Be sure to

consider where the gate or door will be located to enable access for cleaning and letting

the dogs in and out of their run.

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