Which are the best type of dog run panels?

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 26 October 2017

Which are the best type of dog run panels? Well this is the million dollar question that everyone asks, in truth it very much depends on your situation and breed of dog you are looking to put in the run.  Many customers have difficulty in choosing between bar panels and mesh panels.

There are two main types of bar panels 5cm gap and 8cm gap. We used to stock both types but the 8cm do flex a lot more than the 5cm gap panels and they tend to get damaged more easily so we took a commercial decision to drop out of this type.  We felt that the 8cm offer little from a security perspective and its easier for dogs to get their teeth around the bars so they get damaged more frequently than the 5cm ones. Also if you are having small breeds or puppies then they can escape through the larger 8cm gap panels.

So if you fancy the look of bars then our advice would always be to go for the 5cm ones. Another good reason to choose bar panels is that they are cheaper than mesh and if you have a breed that sheds hair then the hairs tend to blow through the bars and away. If you have mesh panels this hair can stick to the mesh and be difficult to clean.

Mesh dog panel is perhaps more secure than bars so we tend to sell mesh to owners who are concerned about security. Unfortunately mesh is more expensive than bars so this is something to consider when choosing dog panels. One disadvantage of mesh is that dogs can climb up it so some degree and can damage their dew claws.

For a long term solution or a commercial situation then mesh should last longer than bars and most boarding kennels prefer mesh to bars. Hopefully this has helped you to make a decision on which type of dog panels will suit you and your dog best.

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