A good time to check your dog runs

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 04 September 2015

As the autumn approaches many dog owners will look to make some slight adjustments to their dog runs to make life better for their dogs who will still use their run during this season and not only during spring and summer.

Autumn is a  chance to perform some routine maintenance checks on your dog run to ensure everything is secure but also to make any changes necessary. If you have a galvanised dog run then your panels should be strong and durable however it is always best to check. Firstly, check all of the bolts are still tight and the unit as a whole is secure. You can also clean your kennel from top to bottom with disinfectant and water to ensure hygiene levels.

Some dog owners tend to move their dog runs around their gardens depending on the season as they will typically choose the area with most shade in the winter and the area with the least draft in the colder months.

Once you have cleaned your dog run then you can move it to its new area and set up camp for your dog once again. Many dogs will benefit from a kennel during the colder months so if you haven’t got one already, now is the perfect time to introduce one to your dog. If you don’t want to lose space in your run then you can look as swapping a full panel for a void panel which leaves the kennel outside of the run but your dog has access to it at all times.

If you chose to get a kennel then be sure to get the size correct for your dog breed as they will need to be able to get into the dog kennel, move around and lay down inside of it. Once you have purchased the dog kennel you can add into it some soft furnishings to keep them warm such as dog beds or blankets. If your dog seems unsure about using the kennel then add some of their toys inside of it to entice them in and to help it smell more like home.

If you plan to leave your dog in the dog enclosure during rainy weather then you could consider adding a roof to your dog run. Most dog owners choose a corrugated piece of sheet metal or onduline and attach this onto of the galvanised dog run to keep out most of the rain. If you live in an open area then you can always add wall panels onto your dog panels to keep the wind out. If you choose to do this make sure they are only half way up your kennel so your dog still has the freedom to look out and see what is going on.

Dogs tend to get hungrier as the months get colder so ensure you are feeding your dogs enough and leaving enough water out for them at all times. If you are leaving them in their run whilst you are out for a few hours then purchase a cage bowl as this attaches to the dog run panel itself and means your dog cannot knock it over and be left without water.

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