We’ve Just Improved Kennel Security

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 18 September 2019

It seems that most days there’s a news story about dogs being stolen in most areas of the UK. This increasing crime is often operated by organised gangs who target particular breeds or high value dogs. One thing is for sure that as the prices for these types of dogs increases so too is dog theft.

We recognised that most kennels manufactured in this country are actually very poor in terms of kennel security, wood is a very easy material to get into and grp/ plastic kennels is also very flimsy.  An intruder can easily break into these kennels and disappear with your beloved pet in a few minutes. The locks on these type of kennels, are very easily prised open and we felt a strong urge to produce a secure dog kennel that protects your dogs.


Our new Security Kennels are the strongest and most secure kennels available with key operated mechanical locks with a hooked deadbolt for maximum security. These high security locks are fitted integrally into our system and are not surface mounted for extra strength and rigidity. When locked these are virtually impossible to prise open and offer a safe solution to deter criminals.


These new secure kennels offer dog owners peace of mind and help to reduce the chance of dog theft whilst also providing a nice warm environment for your dogs to live.  If you would like to discuss your dog’s kennel security then please contact us to consider your options.