Thermal Kennel Blocks

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 16 January 2020

We are now manufacturing thermal kennel blocks. These high end modular buildings are completely bespoke and we can build any size or configuration. If you are looking for a new kennel then just get in touch and we will design a commercial dog kennel that meets yours needs and is fit for purpose.

This new system exceeds the new licensing guidelines for boarding dogs so this is a great long term system that should appeal to all types of commercial kennels. This is a fully structural system that has been designed and manufactured to last and perform in a difficult environment.

These kennels have excellent thermal properties and are very efficient to heat which can make significant savings during the long cold winter times. During warmer seasons the opposite happens and they stay very cool which is great news for the dogs.

If you are considering a new commercial kennel this year then please get in touch to discuss the possibilities.