The challenges of building dog kennels

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 27 November 2015

If you are planning to build a dog kennel, you will be faced with a number of challenges and hurdles to overcome. The issues can be very different if you are building a commercial kennel such as boarding kennels or whether you require a domestic kennel.

For commercial kennels you will need to apply for planning permission which is quite time consuming so if you are working towards a deadline always take into account that this could put you back a few months. Depending where you live determines how your local council will deal with this and there are significant variables from county to county. Planning applications can be complex and very long winded so be prepared for a long process.

For any kennel choosing a good location on your land is vital to having the best kennel solution. You will need to check where prevailing winds come from and ideally choose the most sheltered area as this will benefit both the build and also the long term maintenance of the kennel. If you choose an area that is fairly exposed to the elements then your dogs will be faced with some tough weather during the winter months. If you are limited to an area where the kennel must go, you can always look to rotate the kennel round so the run area is in the most sheltered area to keep them as warm as possible.

Choosing the time of building your kennel is something you will need to work on with your kennel installer as they will need the weather to be at its best to safely erect the kennel. When the concrete base is laid you will need to allow approx 2 weeks for it to cure before building on top of it . You will also need to watch the weather forecast as concrete must be poured when the ambient temperature is a couple of degrees above freezing. Ideally, on the day of construction there would be no rain, sleet or snow and very low wind speeds as this makes the build a safer and easier process. If the weather is deemed as dangerous by the building team then the build may be postponed by a day or two until it is safe again to proceed.

Whilst customers are always keen to get the kennel up by a certain date, it is always advisable to be prepared for delays along the way and allow time in the schedule for them. Working closely with your chosen kennel builder to be on time but being flexible will result in a successful build.

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