New Thermal Dog Kennels Installed for the Homeless

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 26 March 2019

Leeds Council have ordered one of our new Double Thermal Dog Kennels for homeless people with their dogs. We were delighted to be the chosen supplier by Kelly Parker from Turning Life’s Around as they chose our system over the cheaper PVC kennels out there.

As this new system is revolutionary in the kennel arena, she saw the benefits of a stronger, better insulated system that didn’t require a concrete base putting down as where she wanted to locate this kennel was uneven and sloping.

The new Thermal dog kennels are manufactured on a galvanised raft with easy adjustment for leveling means that the new kennel is flat and true and this doesn’t stress the kennel in any way. So often in the past we have been out to see PVC or GRP kennels where doors don’t fit properly as the uneven base throws the kennel out and causes the whole kennel to twist.

This new system saves customers time and money in putting down a costly base so its big savings that can be made, it also allows for an optional drainage system to be fitted underneath the kennels if required to remove the waste water from cleaning.

The new Thermal dog Kennels are super strong and will withstand very high wind speeds and heavy snowfall on the roof, these new kennels are designed to perform and last. Its important that the new system was fully structural and will take the weight of significant forces on the walls and roof.

These new kennels are fully modular so you can add on as many bays as you require and they can be made to customers sizes as there are no restrictions on panel size. So far we have had very positive feedback on the new kennels with lots of interest, if you are considering a new kennel system then please drop us a line at or call us on 01785 819507.