Insulated Thermal Kennels are for All Year Around

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 16 July 2019

Many think insulated thermal kennels are only required during the cold winter spells but in truth its equally important to have a well insulated kennel during the summer too.

Our weather systems in the UK seem to be changing, whether this is down to the Jetstream or whether its down to global warming the facts are that our country is getting warmer and more humid. This increasing trend means that dogs now face quite challenging conditions  particularly during the summer months.

As dog owners we have a duty to find a solution to keep our dogs in an environment that is fit for purpose. Too many dog owners feel that wood kennels or grp kennels are suitable and they happily secure their dog and off they go to work or out shopping. This can be extremely dangerous as they are so poorly insulated that temperatures can often rise quickly and the dogs become hot and dehydrated very similar to being in an oven.

Unfortunately there is no escape from the heat and in some cases dogs have died in these type of kennels. Our new insulated thermal kennels have great thermal efficiency so it means that your dogs are kept cool even when its 35 degrees outside and the materials have been fully proven in hot countries, where it can reach forty plus degrees.


Too many animal fatalities have happened in this country as a result of dogs being locked in kennels that are not fit for purpose. So we ensured that our kennels are manufactured with the best materials available as they are 6 times more efficient than grp or plastic dog kennels. It is also very important that all kennels have some form of ventilation, so please ensure that your kennel has a means of getting air flow into your kennel. Another point worth noting is that dogs should always have access to a full bowl of water if you leave your dog unattended. Hydration is so important at all times but particularly during warm spells.


All kennels need to perform all year around as the data suggests that the UK’s temperatures will only rise in the future. When choosing a dog kennel you need to consider your supplier carefully and its important to understand the pros and cons of the different materials used in kennel building. If you would like more details on what we use in our kennels the please get in touch with our sales team on 01785 819507.