Dog Run Fitting

We are pleased to announce we can now offer a fitting service on our full range of dog runs.  Not everyone wants the hassle of building these runs which we understand. The dog runs are simple to build as they are a modular system but we are happy to help if you would prefer a dog run fitting service.

How does the service work?

The service is very easy, once you have chosen your dog run then choose the dog run fitting before you checkout and one of our team will contact you to set a convenient date for this.  Obviously we would like to know what the surface these are being erected on and the access so we will talk to you about this prior to the install date.

What does the service cost?

Our fitting service has a cost of £200 which covers our time on site, we can only do installs on a monday to thursday during the week.  It is important that you are present on site when our team are installing these dog runs as we can then overcome any issues that might arise at the time.  Larger runs may incur a surcharge but we would contact you about this prior to the arranged date. Please note that we cannot drill into a wall or concrete base as we are not insured in case this causes cracks or damage to your base.

Do you bring the dog run with you?

We will always bring your dog run with us on our own van and this then is installed by our team on the day. If you order one of our  larger insulated kennels from us these sometimes can take longer to install.

Do I need to do anything in preparation for your install?

Our installers are very experienced and will be able to fit your dog runs for you without assistance. However you will need to be present to show them exactly where you would like the run and to confirm the layout that you would like.

Please note that the area needs to be level and flat and the area needs to be totally clear before we arrive. If there are areas that are not level then this could prevent us from completing the install on the day which could mean a second visit which would incur further costs.


How do I order the fitting service?

You can order the fitting service directly from the dog run product pages at the checkout or if you prefer you can call us later to arrange this. Our team are happy to help, please either email us on or call us on 01785 559555.

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