5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Weld Mesh Dog Run

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 02 December 2016

Dog runs are becoming a popular choice for dog owners to help prevent dog theft and also to give their dogs freedom outside without having to be supervised at all times. There are several types of dog runs including bar panels and weld mesh which can make choosing one quite difficult. When looking to invest in a dog run, we always recommend only purchasing bar panelled dog runs and have several reasons below why to avoid a weld mesh dog run.
1. The wire used on a weld mesh dog run is very thin in comparison to a bar panel. When the wire is thin it can degrade and cause to mesh to break over a relatively short time. The main issue with mesh breaking is when it breaks the wire will be sharp and unless you are there to fix it immediately you are putting your dogs at risk of an injury. Due to the size of the wire it can only be flash dipped which doesn’t make it very durable and leaves it susceptible to corrosion. You could find that the dog run needs a lot of repairing over time to keep it usable for your dog.

2. Most dogs will work out that their paws can fit into the square gaps the mesh creates which can put owners in a vulnerable position where their dogs can learn to climb up the mesh panel and escape within a short period of unsupervised time. This cannot happen with a bar panel as the bars run vertically so it is impossible for a dog to climb up. Even if your dog can or cannot climb, dogs might be intrigued to the mesh and attempt to climb it which can result in them hurting themselves or damaging their dew claws which can be extremely painful for dogs.

3. If your dog is a moulting breed you will notice as your dog sheds, their hair tends to stick to the weld mesh panels. They are also noticeably less hygienic than bar panels are they are more difficult to clean due to the shape of the mesh. The bar panels can be cleaned and rinsed in seconds where as each individual piece of thin wire will take a lot longer. This can often put owners off cleaning as regularly which is necessary to keep your dog as healthy as possible.

4. Dog theft is on the rise all of the time and the safety aspect is always one to think of when looking to house your dog in a dog run whether it be for a couple of hours in the day, or to sleep in a kennel at night time. Due to the wires being so thin, a thief could easily use wire cutters and be into your dog run in a very short period of time causing very little noise. The bars would be much more difficult to get through so are considered a lot safer to have.

5. Dog owners are often attracted to the price of the weld mesh dog runs as they tend to always be lower than a bar panel dog run however when purchasing a bar panel run you are buying a durable product to last for years with little to no maintenance. The weld mesh panels do not last as long as bars and with the repairs in between a new run you would be look near the same price as bars anyway without the issues raised above.