5cm Gap Bar Dog Runs vs 8cm Gap Bar Dog Run

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 23 January 2017

When looking to build a dog run using bar dog run panels, the first decision you will need to make is whether to use 5cm or 8cm gap bar panels. Many dog owners come to us asking which they should opt for and we recommend the 5cm and always tell prospective clients to steer clear of purchasing the 8cm bar panels for several reasons:

Firstly the main difference between the two options is the spacing between the bars; 8cm bars are further apart from one another which can cause issues in several different areas. To begin with, if you opt for 8cm bars you will need to ensure you are not using it for small breeds or puppies. They can be quite dangerous if you do as they can easily get their heads stuck between the bars and cause injuries to themselves trying to get out.

Secondly, due to the extra spacing between the bars you are more susceptible to theft and vandalism as it is easier for a thief to prise apart the bars in an attempt to get to your dogs. With the increase in dog theft currently, it would be wise to not choose the 8cm bar dog run panels as the smaller gaps will act as a deterrent to dog thieves and combined with using other methods such as padlocks and CCTV could make the difference between your dogs being targeted or not.

There is also less steel in the manufacturing of these panels which make them weaker than the 5cm bars. If you will be housing strong, larger breed dogs and want robust panels, then again avoid the 8cm as dogs will find it easier to damage these panels than the 5cm bars. From selling the panels previously, we noticed a huge amount of damage to 8cm which reinstates to us how much flimsier and weaker than the 5cmbar dog runs they are.

Our own statistics show that 98% of people would now prefer to purchase the 5cm bar panels over the 8cm as they are buying a much stronger, substantial and more versatile panel as you can house bigger and smaller breeds together as well as puppies without having to buy separate runs.

If you need any help and advice in choosing a dog run then please get in touch with our friendly staff.