Uses for Dog Runs

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 01 October 2015

For some people the concept of using a dog run is somewhat alien, reserved only for their dog’s annual trip into kennels while they go on holiday. Instead their dogs live in their homes and only go outside on walks or if the door to the garden is open. As winter draws in (and the temptation to leave the door open fades), this means that many dogs face spending a large proportion of time inside the house.

While this is fine in many instances, many dogs prefer to be outside, as it features a different range of stimulants (think scents and sounds) than inside the house. Having an outside dog run in your garden is a practical choice for when you need to leave your dog for a short period of time. Your pet gets to spend time outside and enjoy the fresh air, while you are safe in the knowledge that they aren’t making a mess or getting into anything they shouldn’t in the house!

At Dog Run Panels we offer high quality galvanised dog runs, which can be fitted with kennels and roofs, making them the perfect choice for keeping your pet both safe and snug. With a supply of fresh water, there is no reason why your dog cannot stay out in the run overnight. Many working dogs such as retrievers, farm dogs and forces dogs are housed full time in external dog runs. As they are often kept in larger numbers and tend to be larger dogs, not what you would really want in your kitchen every morning!

Exterior dog housing also offers your pet an alternative, yet safe, place to sleep and spend time in situations when it’s not ideal for them to be in the home. Perhaps, the first few weeks of a new baby being home, having his own kennel may allow your dog to get some peace. Or if you have friends or relatives coming to stay who are afraid or allergic to dogs. Knowing that he has his own comfortable and safe space, must be preferable to keeping him locked in a particular room unable to see and hear, away from the group.

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