The Benefits of Using Galvanised Dog Runs

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 06 October 2016

In many ways, dogs really are man’s best friend, and whether your dog is big or small, no doubt he is part of the family.

Dogs love the great outdoors. It gives them a chance to run and exercise and breathe fresh air. In the warmer summer months, being cooped up indoors can be as frustrating for dogs as it is for people – think of the times you’ve looked outside at work and longed to be outside instead – not to mention the overheating risk.

Yet many people worry about security for their dog if it’s left outside. Galvanised dog runs provide the best of both worlds and give dogs the space they need to run and play outside, and they give owners the peace of mind that their precious pet is as safe as if they were locked indoors.

Galvanised dog runs can be bolted to the ground and fitted with a padlock, so dogs can’t get out but also no one but you can get in. Roof panels can also be fitted to give your dog shelter and protection from the wind and rain.

It can be tempting to buy an enormous run, but as long as your dog is also exercising with you, the run only needs to have enough space for your dog to turn and run easily without hitting the sides. Add on space for shelter and somewhere to put water and food bowls and your run size is there. If your dog will also sleep outside, you should look at including a more robust kennel.

Galvanised dog runs should not be a substitute for your companionship or attention, but they can be helpful to owners who need to be away from the house for short periods and don’t want to leave their dog alone in the house.

Our panels are made to the highest standard, compliant with all relevant British and European standards, and they come with a lifetime guarantee. We stock a variety of standard sizes, but we also understand that just as every dog is different, so too are your requirements to support them. We will therefore manufacture bespoke panels in quantities of 6+ to suit your needs. Bring us your sketches or just ideas today, and we’ll help you turn them into reality.