Keep Your Dogs Cool in our Dog Runs

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 05 July 2018

Cool Your Hot Dogs in Our Dog Runs.

This hot heatwave just seems to go on and on with no sign of it abating. Never before has it been so important to get your dogs outside in the fresh cooler air. In this current heatwave which is due to go on for at least another month, dogs need to be outdoors in the shade in cool conditions so they don’t overheat or dehydrate.

Even some poorly insulated kennels will become dangerously hot so if you have outdoor space you need to secure them using our dog runs so they can get fresh air and some cooler conditions. There have been many reports of dogs dying in cars but also we are aware of some dogs dying in kennels too so ensure you have a dog run to allow them to enjoy the wind and the shade and  safer conditions. Its also important to make sure that your dog has plenty of water in the dog run during this challenging weather.

If you need any help in choosing the right dog runs then please call us on 01785 819507.