Finding the Right Dog Panels for your Run

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 16 November 2016

Any person or organization responsible for owning and breeding dogs will undoubtedly want to be sure that their canine charges have the best possible accommodation. This means finding the perfect location, building the right size of enclosure for your particular size or type of dog and using the correct materials, such as dog panels, for the job. To find out just how to go about providing the ideal homes for your canines, read on.

Things to Consider Before You Build

If you think that you can erect your dog’s outdoor run anywhere, you are mistaken. Finding the proper location is of paramount importance before you start the building process. To ensure the health and safety of your dog, you will not want to put up a run that is exposed to direct sunlight or to the elements. Make sure the run is in a sheltered spot and also that it lies on flat ground to avoid the risk of flooding during periods of heavy rain. This will keep your dog dry and warm and means he will not suffer from extremes of weather or temperature.

Another thing to consider is the size of the run you will be erecting. Larger, more active dogs will obviously need a more spacious enclosure so they can get the exercise they sorely need. Smaller dogs may not need as much space, but they still need an area appropriate to their size and type.

The Run Itself

If you are attaching the run to the dog’s kennel, you will obviously need to make sure that you purchase dog panels with a door option; this way the dog can easily get into his kennel when he wants to sleep or if the weather isn’t to his liking. When selecting dog panels to form your run you will also want to make sure you purchase galvanized dog panels that are strong and durable enough to keep your pet safe and secure. Both bar and mesh options are available, so you can choose the type that best suits your requirements.

Creature Comforts

When your canines are in their runs, make sure they always have access to fresh food and water, and perhaps some toys to keep them occupied, as dogs can easily become bored. And as all dog owners know, boredom can lead to bad behaviour.

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