Coming Soon 8cm Bar Dog Panels

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 12 February 2018

We are about to start to stock the 8cm bar dog panels, these should be in stock very soon and will enable us to offer a budget panel to those wanting to spend less. 8cm panels are not as strong or durable as the 5cm panels as there is less metal in them but for certain breeds they will work.

Obviously as they have less bars in them they are much lighter and flimsier than the 5cm panels. As a general guide if you have a dog that is quite passive and not too boisterous then these could work for you. They are also not as secure as a 5cm dog run panel so if security is an issue then it might be better to choose the 5cm bar or mesh panels.

These 8cm bar dog panels will be in stock this week so please call us if you think they might be of interest.