A great time to buy a dog run

  • Posted By: Tim
  • Date: 19 February 2016

Spring is the time of year most dog owners will consider looking into purchasing a dog run for their dog. It’s a great time of year to do this and is always the most popular month for dog runs as people aim to get their dogs outside in the fresh air and warmer weather after a cold winter.

When it’s hot weather it’s unfair to leave your dog for the day in a room that is only ventilated by a window that often gets no breeze. Your dog would get hot, restless and fed up and can often result in them misbehaving to gain attention that they are not happy such as biting objects or furniture. A dog run gives your dog the chance to have fresh air all day long and let the natural breezes cool them down whilst you are out or at work.

Dog runs can be made so they are just as safe as leaving your dog inside a locked house. By including a locking mechanism such as padlocks, you dogs can be left whilst you are out in their dog run and along with a bed and water will be happy and not want for anything until you return home. It gives them more freedom to move which they will want to do in the heat as well as giving them extra exercise that they wouldn’t usually have if left in a room in the house.

If you plan to leave your dog in their dog run whilst you go out to work or out for the day, always ensure there is plenty of shade available in the run for your dog to rest in. If there is not shade they will quickly over heat and this can become very dangerous for dogs. Dog owners often include a kennel or canopy for their dog to sleep in or under as these provide fantastic amounts of shade. Always provide your dog with fresh water and if you are leaving them for a few hours leave two bowls of water as they may drink more than usual in the heat. Dog bowls that attach to the side of the runs are a great addition to any dog run as it prevents your dog from knocking their dog bowl over which could leave your dog without water for the remainder of the day until you return. Your dog run does not have to be huge and there is no law in saying what size it should be however as a guide you will want to give your dog as much room as is physically possible in your garden.

Consider positioning it in different areas to give them then best space possible. You want to allow your dog to be able to move around as well as laying and playing with their toys. You can always look at purchasing a void panel that gives you the opportunity to have the dogs kennel on the exterior of the kennel to make the most of the kennels space.

If you require any help or more information on purchasing your own dog run then please visit our website www.dogrunpanels.co.uk or call us on 08451801010.