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Choosing Dog Panels for a Secure Dog Run

Whether you are a dog breeder, an animal charity, a boarding kennel or just a keen dog owner who requires a run or several runs in which to house your beloved charges, you are sure to want to invest in the right sort of dog panels. Thankfully,there is a wide range of panels available at a variety of prices, so you are sure to be able to find the right panels to suit your requirements – and your budget.

When choosing dog panels, it is highly recommended that you opt for galvanized panels, either in bar or mesh form, as these will last for many years and are strong and durable. They come in different sizes and styles. One of the options available is
the galvanized 5cm bar void dog run panels, which are suitable for all dog breeds and have proven highly popular with boarding kennels and also with breeders. The built-in void in this kind of panel grants your dog easy access to an adjoining sleeping cabin so it can get out of the weather.

Alternatively, you could opt for dog panels such as the draught screen panels, which can be used both to divide dogs from each other and also to protect them from the elements, so your dogs will not have to suffer from being exposed to wind, sun or rain.

Have you got some puppies you want to keep safe and secure? Never fear, you can also buy puppy panels which are as strong as the adult dog panels but are also lightweight and portable. These panels allow you to create a sizeable puppy enclosure for your pups and young dogs to run around in. They will give you peace of mind, as you can rest assured that the little scamps won't escape or get up to any mischief.

To find out more about all of these different kinds of panels, and to purchase the right ones for you, be sure to check out our selection on this site. A number of dog run panels and other kennel accessories are available, and you also have the option
of ordering bespoke panels if you require.